Social Events at the Castle

Our castle is a place where history and comfort meet, but also where unforgettable events and gatherings take place. For our guests, we prepare diverse events and celebrations that combine the beauty of our historic setting with joy and festivities.

Here are some examples of events that can take place at the castle:

Castle Ball or Gala Dinner

Annual castle balls or gala dinners are events that combine elegance, dance music, and excellent gastronomy. Guests can dance in the grand halls of the castle and enjoy a luxurious evening full of entertainment.

Corporate Events and Team Building

For corporate clients, we offer the castle environment for holding corporate events, conferences, and team-building activities. The beautiful surroundings can serve to strengthen team spirit and creativity.

Castle Wedding Ceremonies

Enjoy a fairytale wedding in the beautiful surroundings of our castle. A wedding at the castle is not only a romantic beginning of a new life but also an unforgettable experience for the newlyweds and their guests.

Artistic and Cultural Events

The castle can be a venue for art exhibitions, concerts, or theatrical performances. The combination of art and historical atmosphere creates a unique cultural experience.

Garden Parties

In the summer months, we can organize garden parties or picnics in the castle gardens. Guests can enjoy the outdoor atmosphere while experiencing exceptional gastronomy.

We are here for you

All our events are carefully planned and prepared with the needs and wishes of our guests in mind, so that every moment spent at the castle is an unforgettable experience full of elegance, joy and comfort.